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You can donate to the ERIG Program using PayPal. Your donations to this program allow us to award additional funds to grantees or increase the number of grantees in a year. Undertaking new initiatives while supporting our existing programs depends on the investments our members and friends make in INPS and its goals in promoting conservation and education. Please consider making a donation!

The Idaho Native Plant Society (INPS) sponsors the Education, Research, and Inventory Grant (ERIG) Program which seeks to stimulate and promote research, conservation and educational activities which contribute to the appreciation, conservation, or knowledge of Idaho’s native flora or plant communities. Projects should provide a better understanding of native flora. Applicants are encouraged to submit a proposal describing a project, the way it benefits Idaho native plants and habitats, and how funds would be used to benefit.

The following announcement describes the current application procedure and the requirements which the applicant must follow. Successful awardees must submit a final report to the INPS ERIG Committee documenting the project and its accomplishments. In addition a summary of the project is to be submitted to be published in the INPS newsletter, Sage Notes.

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2014 ERIG Program Announcement 1-page 8.5x11 pdf
2013 ERIG Program Announcement 1-page 8.5x11 pdf
2012 ERIG Program Announcement 1-page 8.5x11 pdf
2011 ERIG Program Announcement 1-page 8.5x11 pdf

The following table lists recipients, report titles and Sage Notes issues the report appeared in if the report and/or Sage Notes issue is available online. Information is added to this table as it becomes available.

Year Recipient Title Sage Notes issue Status
2014 Jeffrey P. Rose MS, PhD student, The University of Wisconsin, Madison Evolution and Biogeography of Polemonium (Polemoniaceae): the Polemonium pulcherrimum Species Complex in Idaho
In progress
2014 Dr. Stephen Love, University of Idaho, Aberdeen R&E Center Acquisition of High Elevation, Dwarf and Compact Forms of Idaho Penstemon Species for Horticultural Use Upcoming December 2014 Complete
2014 Rebecca Stubbs, PhD Student, Department of Biology, University of Florida Into the cold: Montane Idaho as refugium for alpine-arctic Micranthes (Saxifragaceae)
Awaiting report
2013 Bruneau Elementary School, Bruneau, Idaho, Amber Pearson, Principal; Brandi Lisle, Teacher An Outdoor Learning Environment
In progress
2013 Pocatello Zoo, Pocatello, Idaho, Corrine Coffman Wild about Idaho's Native Plants
In progress
2012 Rockford Elementary, Blackfoot, Idaho, Julie Wada, Rockford PTA President Outdoor Classroom Initiative December 2013
2012 Roosevelt Elementary, Boise, Idaho, Holly Beck, INPS member and Parent Outdoor Classroom Initiative May 2013 Complete
2012 Panhandle Animal Shelter, Ponderay, Idaho, Mandy G. Evans, Executive Director Native Plant Landscape
Awaiting report
2011 Rolling Hills Public Charter School, Boise Environmental Literacy and Living Classroom Initiative
In progress
2011 Idaho Museum of Natural History Replacing identification tags, outdoor exhibit
Awaiting spring report
2010 Fred Rabe, Friends of the Clearwater Fortynine Meadows - Proposed RNA February 2011 Complete
2010 Kinnikinnick NPS Landscaping with Native Plants in the Idaho Panhandle (book submitted) December 2011 Complete
2010 Gail Bolin, Graduate Student - University of Idaho Native Plant Riparian Buffer Demonstration Site: Dover City Park, Dover, ID: Interpretive signs, brochures
2010 Palouse Prairie School, Moscow Introducing Elementary School Students to the Native Plants of the Palouse Prairie September 2012 Complete
2009 Gail Bolin, Graduate Student - University of Idaho Native Plant Riparian Buffer Demonstration Site: Dover City Park, Dover, ID May 2010 Complete
2009 John Crock Restore one-half acre Palouse Prairie along Latah Trail, east of Moscow,Idaho
2009 Danielle L Clay, Graduate Student, Boise State University Explore Potential Hybridizing of Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja Christii, Orobanchaeae) Using Molecular and Morphological Techniques. December 2011
2008 Dylan Levy-Boyd, Graduate Student - Prescott College Macrofungi of the South Hills, Idaho Spring 2009 Complete
2008 Kay Beall, Boise National Forest, Idaho City District Mores Creek Summit and Rabbit Creek Interpretive Kiosks Project Winter 2008 Complete
2008 Sah-Wah-Be Chapter (Cathy Frischmann, Karl Holte, Janet Bala) Native Plant Guide to North Bannock County/Southeastern Idaho
2007 Ed Papenberg, Americorps Volunteer Coordinator Magic Valley Citizen Seed Harvest Project

2007 Stephen L. Love, University of Idaho Native Plant Germplasm Collection in the Seven Devils Region Winter 2008Complete
2006 Stephen L. Love, University of Idaho Collection of Native Plant Germplasm for Use in Home Landscapes - Owyhee Mountains Winter 2006Complete
2006 Kinnikinnick Chapter Lichens in a Conservation Context: Presentation and Field Excursion by Toby Spribille Winter 2006Complete
2005 Kinnikinnick Chapter Forest Management and Lichens: Presentation and Field Excursion by Toby Spribille N/AComplete
2005 Sawtooth Botanical Garden Native Plants for High Elevation Western Gardens: A Lecture by Nancy R Morin N/AComplete