Local Chapters:  

Southeast Idaho

Sawabi Chapter of INPS

Elected Officers   

Janet BalaMember-at-Large208-235-1352
Karl HolteMember-at-Large208-232-6563
Pauline HavensMember-at-Large208-234-8517
Mel NichollsMember-at-Large208-233-0714
Shirley RodgersMember-at-Large208-233-4662
Chris McCoyMember-at-Large208-241-8819
Ardys HolteMember-at-Large208-232-6563
Dick AndersonMember-at-Large208-233-1300
LaRue GregersonMember-at-Large208-237-0776
Bob McCoyPast President208-241-5851
Barbara NichollsSecretary208-233-0714
Grant ThomasTreasurer208-237-5317


The Sawabi Chapter is into its winter program with a presentation the first Monday of each month (except December) until next spring. All winter meetings are held in the South Fork Room of the Pond Student Union on the ISU campus. Below is a list of the presentations that have been scheduled.

November 3rd will be Bryn Ramjoue’, from the Red Butte Garden and Arboretum in Salt Lake City.

January 12th will be Cleve Davis.

February 2nd will be Dr. Stephen Love, adventures in collecting high elevation plants.

March 2nd Dr. Jim Smith, Snake River Plains Herbarium.