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Sawabi Chapter of INPS

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Janet BalaMember-at-Large208-235-1352
Karl HolteMember-at-Large208-232-6563
Pauline HavensMember-at-Large208-234-8517
Mel NichollsMember-at-Large208-233-0714
Shirley RodgersMember-at-Large208-233-4662
Chris McCoyMember-at-Large208-241-8819
Ardys HolteMember-at-Large208-232-6563
Dick AndersonMember-at-Large208-233-1300
LaRue GregersonMember-at-Large208-237-0776
Bob McCoyPast President208-241-5851
Barbara NichollsSecretary208-233-0714
Grant ThomasTreasurer208-237-5317

2014 Spring and Summer Activities

*BISON - Most of our trips carpool from the Bison Sculpture behind the Idaho Museum of Natural History Building which is adjacent to the Pond Student Union Building, Lower Campus, ISU.  The sculpture is right by the big parking lot on lower campus, 5th and Dillon.  You can meet us at the Bison to carpool or caravan, or later at the trip site.

For Questions and Directions:  Contact the McCoys, 241-5851, the Nicholls, 233-0714, or the Holtes, 232-6563.   At least a week before each trip, an email is sent to those on our email list; the email has details about the trip’s plants, terrain, location and directions to the site.  THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO ALL FIELD TRIPS AND EVENTS.



Leave Bison* 


At Site





May 19

6:00 pm

6:30 pm

Hurricane Hill, south of Inkom

Linda Johnson

The Sagebrush Steppe, when mowed for fire protection, has an amazing variety of small blooming native plants.


May 28

6:00 pm

6:30 pm

Justice Park Campground, Scout Mountain.

La Rue Gregersen

This will be the first of two guided walks to explore seasonal changes in flora.


 June 2

5:30 pm


Hell’s Half Acre

South I-15 Rest Area access to developed trail with interpretive signs.

Janet Bala

About 4,100 years ago, Hawaiian-type lava flows erupted across the northern Snake River Plain ultimately developing into an interesting diverse desert habitat.


 June 7

8:00 am

9:00 am

at Atomic City.

Arco Desert and Big Southern Butte, an all-day trip.

Bob McCoy

This area has a wide variety of habitats for spring flora. We can explore the desert around the butte and, if the road is passable, a possible trip to the summit.


 June 16

4:30 pm

5:30 pm

Aberdeen Research Center and evening potluck.

Dr. Steve Love

We will tour the native plant plots at the Center and look at the research on establishing wildflower meadows.


June 20 - 23

Details at idahonative


Register online

Eriogonum Society/INPS State Joint Annual Meeting centered in Twin Falls.  All members are welcome. 


Field trips, talks, banquets, and a chance to meet other plant enthusiasts. Register at www.eriogonum.org.


 June 26 - 29

On your own


Annual Idaho Botanical Foray into the headwaters of the Owyhee and Bruneau River systems in the Jarbidge, Independence and Bull Run Mountains.

Don Mansfield




Four day plant collecting trip under the leadership of Don Mansfield, Curator, College of Idaho Herbarium. There will be lots of hiking, camping, and evening socializing, and, of course, botanizing. 


July 7

6:00 pm

6:30 pm

Pebble / Boundary Trail

Janet Bala

We will access a 1-2 mile trail near the lower Pebble Creek Ski Area parking lot. Many sagebrush steppe plants will be blooming at this time.


 July 12

9:00 am


4WD to the top of Scout Mt. for an all-day adventure.

Bob McCoy

The summit ridge of Scout Mtn. has a spectacular view and abundant wildflowers.  A high-clearance 4x4 is necessary.

Monday, July 21

6:00 pm

6:30 pm

Justice Park Campground, Scout Mt.

Ruth Moorhead

First trip to this area was in spring. Now see a wide diversity of summer flora.

Friday, Aug 1-3



Franklin Basin

Geoff Hogander

A weekend campout or day trip to a high mountain basin. Details will be announced later.

Saturday, August 9

9:00 am


Paris Springs : This is a day trip with a weekend camping option.

Ruth Moorhead

Walk the campground and the 300-yard trail to the springs.  We may also visit the nearby ice caves.

Saturday, August 16

8:00 am

11:00 am

Mesa Falls

Dr. Karl Holte

Beautiful area with a variety of late summer plants and, of course, the two waterfalls.

Saturday, September 20

10:00 am


Goodenough Canyon

Ruth Moorhead

The location and date may change slightly, as we’ll go where the best fall colors of maples and aspen are! This is the end-of-the-season potluck celebration.