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INPS Rare Plant List

The INPS Rare Plant List is the result of field studies and observations made by professional and amateur botanists throughout the state.  New information about these species is presented and discussed at Regional Rare Plant Working Group (RPWG) meetings to assess their status. The results of the RPWG meetings are then shared and ratified at the Rare Plant Conference, which is held every other year. The methods used at the RPWG meetings are presented below and are subject to ratification at the next Rare Plant Conference.
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INPS Rare Plant List Methods  (version 05/01/2013) (4 page, 429 KB, PDF)
Submitted by Beth Colket, Chair,
   INPS Rare Plant Ranking Steering Committee
Approved by the INPS Board of Directors 1/23/2013.

The following article in pdf format explains the objectives and the evaluation process which led to the Rare Plant Ranking Steering Committee's recommendations to the INPS Board. Steering Committee Recommendations   (2 page, 59 KB, PDF)

Current INPS Rare Plant List (version 06/18/14) (Excel document with multiple tabs)

Re-formatted into MS Excel from 2011 RPC results and includes preliminary Southwest and Northwest Idaho RPWG meeting result.

Archived INPS Rare Plant Conference Results Using Former Methods (INPS Rare Plant List)